I am looking forward to seeing your progress in this great endeavour.

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Oct 14, 2022Liked by D.K. Fynn

Very admirable. I like that it is a way of documenting serious issues and targets those in power to respond.

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Feb 6, 2023Liked by D.K. Fynn

DKF, Your thoughts resonate with mine and I am convinced, from all of your archives to date, that you have been put here at this point in time to make a real difference in the “war between good and evil” as you put it. That said, I think your aim needs to shift a bit, so that you will be more effective. But my takes could well be off-base, so my ask is that you simply consider the following, and never stop thinking for yourself, seeking truth, etc. Pardon the long note, and God Spede Sir!

#1 = Although it is clear that only peaceful methods will succeed, such efforts must not count on the branches of Govt and their regulators to function properly by themselves. That is, strong, clear, and timely public opinion pressure is vital for encouraging the honest people in these entities to stand up to the evil ones, mostly in leadership roles, who are being controlled by those behind the curtain.

{ That is, never forget that, for good to win over evil, effort must also be aimed at the hidden target, located above all the distractions, because it too must also be taken out, along with all the other targets. }

Rationale = Clearly, America (and world) is facing an existential threat and our efforts to fix America are being undermined by powerful forces that remain hidden from view by design.

* It is thus important to understand, not only what needs to be fixed in America, but also what led to these issues and enables them to continue.

___* Awakening the masses to this has eluded many so far, but think Jeff Childers just broke the code for doing this in this article ( https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/a-great-big-new-year-saturday-december ).

___* He notes in, “CHAPTER TWO — THE ROAD WE’RE ON … The evidence appears obvious in hindsight. Basically, over about a three-week period in March, 2020, every single government in the entire world implemented the exact same draconian, totally anti-constitutional lockdowns and rabidly unpopular mitigation measures — without a peep of meaningful protest, debate, or question from their elected officials. In other words, it looks a lot like somebody just made a phone call. …”

* Figuring out how best to fix America must therefore be done in light of such evidence, which some have shown likely has ancient links to the British East India Company.

#2 = The evildoers have gone out of their way to keep data from being collected, wrt the covid debacle, that could rigorously prove their guilt. So, much energy is spent trying to prove their guilt with complex arguments that use this intentionally limited data. When it would be more straightforward to use already existing fundamental medical knowledge to prove that MDs pushing mRNA shots are guilty of criminal malpractice/incompetence.

{ That is, to indict the MD criminals involved in the covid genocide, efforts need to also be aimed at their gross violation of fundamental medical knowledge and ethics. }

Rationale = In the videos ref’d below, Dr Bhakdi MD clearly shows why MDs pushing the use of MRNA-based shots demonstrate that they are guilty of criminal malpractice and/or incompetence. Observations below by Dr Bhakdi are based on decades-old medical knowledge – from Nobel prizes, and related studies -- that is now captured in medical textbooks. No new evidence is needed to convict these criminals.

* Dr Bhakdi is the expert who advised the Thai royal family in this video ( https://video.twimg.com/amplify_video/1621009365561114624/vid/480x270/uETAElD8CLveln6e.mp4?tag=16 ) found in this “2nd Smartest Guy in the World” article ( https://www.2ndsmartestguyintheworld.com/p/the-narrative-is-collapsing-thailand )

* All mRNA-based shots, even ones without spike protein, are seriously harmful -- per Dr Bhakdi MD videos:

___* “All mRNA Vaccines will cause harm” ( https://rumble.com/v21ppz6-all-mrna-vaccines-will-cause-harm-prof.-dr.-bhakdi.html )

___* mRNA flaws are explained, in layperson terms, in this excerpt from CHD TV 2022.10.21 -- (00:45-29:00 of https://live.childrenshealthdefense.org/chd-tv/shows/friday-roundtable/worrying-developments-with-michael-palmer-m-d-sucharit-bhadki-m-d/ ), which also has much more on Bhakdi’s background and credentials.

* Some key takeaways from Bhakdi videos (after watching many times, am slow):

___* Antibodies, made by body in response to mRNA message in these jabs, never get to airway surfaces where they must be to prevent respiratory infection. (so, covid shots could never have prevented infection in the first place)

___* The mRNA in these jabs, cause the cells they infect to make foreign, non-self-proteins, which automatically finger these mRNA-infected cells for violent death by “complement” (killer system #2 of human immune system). (so all mRNA shots are dangerous)

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